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Privacy and Disclaimer Kensington Chelsea


You take full responsibility when using this website. We make no warranties or guarantees in the use of this website. It is used on an “as is” basis. We will not be liable for any damages that result from the use of this website.

We can not, and will not guarantee that no viruses, or other harmful goods can be attained from this website. We will not be liable for damage done because of misrepresentation of age on this website. If damage comes to equipment in result of using this website, we can not be held responsible.

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Your Privacy

We value your privacy and safety highly at Kensington Chelsea Cleaners. We keep all private data we receive under tight security. Only eligible employees are able to view it. At our cleaning company, we do collect some personal information. This may include names, addresses, emails, etc. when it is voluntarily submitted. We only use this information for our systems of providing specific actions. We do not share or sell your private information.

Our website may use cookie and tracking information. This is only used to gather specific information on client’s searching habits, so we can better serve them. We also use these figures for our own statistical information.

Kensington Chelsea Cleaners may share personal information with government or private companies who fight fraud. We will only do this when required by law, trying to prevent fraud on the client or our company, or when investigating a crime already committed.

Thank you for visiting our website. We only want your safety. We will do everything in our power to guarantee it.

To discuss our privacy policy in details and to know more about our economical cleaning prices, you may call us on 020 3095 8299.

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