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Read below to find out about Kensington Chelsea Cleaners terms of service.

Our cleaning company’s desire is to have a good business/client relationship. We have developed these terms of service to guarantee a good relationship.

With the terms of our cleaning prices, we use average sizes in our telephone estimates. Kensington Chelsea Cleaners reserve the right to make pricing changes if the client makes changes to the original verbal agreement, or our inspection shows a difference from the telephone conversation with the client.

We require working electric service and running water for our employees to be able to properly perform the services you require.

Our employees must be provided accurate instructions for disabling security alarms prior to our service being performed. We are not responsible for any alarms that are activated during the performance of our services.

Access to the property must be available for all services that require interior service. This includes window cleaning service.

We also require that parking is made available as close to the service property as humanly possible. The client will be responsible for any parking fees that arise in performance of our cleaning services.

Payment for services performed can be made in the form of cash, bank transfer, credit card, or check. Our accounting department will issue an invoice within 1 week of payment being made on the services performed.

The client is completely responsible for payment on services performed once agreement, either written or oral, is made on services to be performed. If payment is not received, we can: take legal action to attain the fees along with interest on past due payments; publish in local media the customer as being a bad debtor; report the customer as a bad debtor to local financial institutions.

When reserving our cleaning services, you agree that you have read and agree with these terms of service. Call our cleaning company now on 020 3095 8299.

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